Live in Relationship in 2023 [3 Things Couples Should Know]

Live in Relationship in 2023

The love relationship has evolved much in the past few decades, live-in relationship is one of its evolved forms. 

You may have read about it in newspapers, magazines or might have seen it in movies, series or dramas. It has been in trends for the past few years.

However, you need to know its reality & implications in the current scenario. In this blog, you will learn 3 essential things about live-in relationships. 

Does it seem interesting? If Yes, then let’s begin!

Below are the 3 things you should know about a live-in relationship in 2023:

Live in Relationship Meaning

First of all, you need to know what a live-in relationship is. 

Well, a live-in relationship is an arrangement between two people, who agree to live together under the same roof, without marrying each other. Though it is most common among heterosexuals, same-sex live-in relationships have also mushroomed in the past few years.

The trend of live-in relationships has increased significantly because of its portrayal in novels, movies, series and drama. Initially, it became widely popular in developed countries, but nowadays it is quite common in developing countries as well.

Educated young people, who are earning handsome salaries, and don’t want to limit their freedom by tying themselves to obligations, are more inclined to it.

In some countries, it is also known as living together relationship & cohabitation.

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Live in Relationship vs Marriage

For a deep understanding, you need to understand the difference between a conventional marriage and a live-in relationship. Below are those differences:


  1. When 2 people unite with commitments and law recognizes their union, it is marriage.
  2. When marriage doesn’t work, couples have to go for divorce, which brings trauma and instability to them. 
  3. When you marry, you get a lot of responsibilities and those responsibilities limit your freedom.
  4. Marriages generally happen with the agreement of your family, they form an integral part of it.
  5. Offsprings born in your marriage are automatically recognised by the law. 

Live-in relationship

  1. A live-in relationship is a casual arrangement between two people to live under the same roof and can have physical relationship.
  2. You can end this kind of relationship any moment, as you both have no commitments.
  3. You have your own space & freedom. There are no shared obligations or responsibilities.
  4. Live-in relationship is generally not agreed by your parents, however if they agree, they don’t have any roles in your relationship.
  5. Offsprings born in such a relationship don’t get legally recognised, the couples need to prove their parenthood through biological tests.

Live in Relationship Laws

For a better understanding of live-in relationships, you need to know what laws say about it.

Live in relationship laws in India

Live-in relationship is neither legal nor illegal in India, as there is no legal definition, framework or legislation related to it. 

India is a diverse country, there lives a variety of people having varied religious faiths. Most of the religions here believe in conventional ways of marriage. Live-in relationships being unorthodox is highly criticised by the society. 

However, the Supreme court observed that live-in relationships may look immoral to the society due to its religious boundaries, but it cannot be termed illegal. But, there is not a single law protecting it.

Therefore, live-in relationships live in relationship in 2023 are seen less often in India, due to reasons like moral policing, conservatism & no clear laws. 

Live in relationship laws in the US

In developed countries like the US, laws related to live-in relationships vary from state to state. Mississippi & Michigan are states which don’t permit cohabitation; however, the majority of the states in the US have legalised the live-in relationship.

During the 1960s & the 1970s, it was illegal to cohabit. However, as the need arose, the US saw a drastic increase in legislation in favour of live-in relationships in various states, making it legal. The state of North Carolina is one such example.

Live in relationship laws in various countries

There are countries other than the US which have legalised cohabitation; France, Canada, Germany & Brazil are some examples.

On the other hand, China, Russia, the UK & the majority of islamic countries have forbidden cohabitation.


Love can be in any form, live-in relationship is one such form. It has become quite popular among youngsters and it is their personal choice.

However, a lack of education, knowledge and awareness about live-in relationships create problems for couples. 

If you want to have such a relationship, you must know the legal obligations & view of the society. At the same time, you must be self-dependent & mature.

Finally, If everything is clear to your mind, you can give it a thought.

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