Valentine’s Week: 7 Days of Celebration

Valentine's Week: 7 Days of Celebration

Hello, are you a love bird and want to know about valentine’s week, yes? If so, then you are most welcome to this blog on Valentine’s Week: 7 Days of Celebration. 

What’s better than celebrating love? February, the month of love, has its own significance.Valentine’s Day is one of those significant events. It is the day of celebrating love. Every year Valentine’s day falls on February 14 and is celebrated worldwide.

There is a whole week planned to celebrate it, and it is named as valentines week. Each day of the week has its own significance.The whole point of celebrating valentine’s is to make your partner feel special and loved.

Do you love someone and plan to propose to her this valentine?

Well, go ahead! It is the month of love; celebrate it to the fullest.

In the month of February, it’s typical to see couples going hand in hand, showing their love and attempting to make the partner feel special. 

Love is a collection of feelings and behaviours marked by passion, commitment and intimacy. To cherish this love, we celebrate Valentine’s week. 

Let’s move ahead and know which date belongs to which day.

February 7- Rose Day

Rose day kicks off valentine’s week. It is the first day of the week to celebrate. Rose is considered as a symbol of love, and that’s why people give roses to their loved ones. Flowers are the best way to make someone feel special. 

February 8- Propose Day

What’s a better day to propose to the person you love, than propose day? 

This is the day when love birds confront their feelings to each other and confess what they genuinely feel about each other. 

Indeed, expressing your love for someone is not easy. But, it is essential to speak your heart out and tell the person how special they are to you. 

February 09- Chocolate Day

Valentine’s week provides opportunities for you to express your feelings and love. Couples worldwide enjoy this week by expressing gratitude to each other. They exchange gifts during the week to express love to their spouses, girlfriends, or loved ones. They gift them chocolates, flowers, or even something meaningful.

Most of us like to celebrate Chocolate Day, which falls during Valentine’s Week, every year. Chocolate Day is celebrated on the third consecutive day during Valentine’s Week. 

Everyone has a sweet tooth for chocolate, which also aids memory formation. So, don’t let Chocolate Day pass you by, instead, spend it with someone special in your life. This person can be one of your friends, a member of your family, or someone you care about deeply.

February 10- Teddy Day

There is love in the air! And when Valentine’s Week rolls around, you can practically see that. The fourth significant day of Valentine’s Week is Teddy Day, which is observed annually by couples on February 10. 

To show your love and romance on this day, give a teddy bear to your loved one. The charm of a teddy bear not only creates the ideal romantic atmosphere, but it also makes your companion or loved one feel special. 

Teddy bears come in many hues, and each colour conveys a different emotion to the recipient.

Red teddy bears represent the strength of the emotions felt by two individuals in a relationship, and signify that love is all around.

The colour orange represents vitality, enthusiasm, and happiness. Therefore, if you give an orange teddy on Teddy Day, your companion is about to pop the question. 

Gifting a blue teddy bear signifies a deep affection for your companion and gratitude for their presence.

February 11- Promise Day

What’s better than assuring your loved ones that you are going to stay by their side forever?

And what’s better than doing that while we are celebrating love? Well here we go –

Promise day is the best day to guarantee your partner loyalty, trust, and support for eternity.

Couples take vows and pour their hearts out. Such meaningful promises and their dedication to each other will forever strengthen their relationship.

Promise day signifies togetherness and prepares you for the future ahead. It is one of the best days of Valentine’s Week because it allows people to make their beloved or partner feel loved and special. 

February 12- Hug Day

The 5th important day of valentine’s week is Hug Day. Hug is considered as the purest way of showcasing your love and affection towards your partner.  

Want to show how affectionate you feel towards your partner? Just hug them. 

It is a day to remember the value of hugs and the way it can give comfort, happiness, and tranquillity to those we care about. 

Hugs stimulate the release of oxytocin, a hormone that aids in the reduction of stress, anxiety, and depression. It is a powerful way to express love. Furthermore, it is also beneficial for your physical and emotional health.

February 13- Kiss Day

Kiss Day is observed on February 13th. It is the most romantic and intimate way of expressing your love. It assists you in showing your special person how much you care about them.  

Don’t be shy to show your love to your partner in this sweet and intense way. 

February 14- Valentine’s Day

Finally; the main day comes into the frame after the celebration of the whole week. On this day, couples go on a date, plan a romantic dinner, write letters or celebrate it in the best possible way they can. 

Your partner is your valentine. There are many ways you can celebrate this day with your partner. You can exchange Valentine’s day gifts, cards, etc., to showcase your love for them. Don’t forget to make them feel extra special on this day.

Just a tip! You can take help from anyone or you can plan your day according to the likes and dislikes of your partner. The whole point of celebrating is to have fun, so enjoy each and every moment of this day.

Go on and celebrate the month of love with your special one. After all, valentine’s is all about expressing love!!

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