5 Red Flags in a Relationship to Look Out For [For both Girls and Guys]

Red Flags in a Relationship

Have you ever wondered, what a red flag is in a relationship? You may have or may not have, but if you are in a relationship, you need to know about it.

Well, there is not an exact way to know whether a person’s behaviour is a red flag, in general. 

For instance, if you are serious about your relationship and want to marry the person whom you love, but he’s not serious about it, this is a red flag for you. On the other hand, it is a green flag for a girl who doesn’t want a long-term relationship or marry her partner.

However, there are some behavioural traits that are common signs of a red flag and these signs are common for all. 

You need to know these 5 Red Flags in a Relationship before something untoward happens.

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What Is a Red Flag?

As the name suggests, a red flag is a sign which indicates that you should stop yourself from moving further. And if you don’t stop, it can be precarious for you.

In a relationship, a red flag has the same meaning. It means any change which you notice and has the potential of endangering you and your relationship. 

Red signals can be of many types, some are common for all, others are subjective. So, let’s know about these red flags in detail.

5 Common Red Flags 

Toxic Behaviour

Generally, people consider any minor change in their partner’s behaviour as toxic, if it is against their wish. Also, when they notice any strange behaviour, they classify it as toxicity without knowing the reason.

We need to understand that everything doesn’t mean toxicity. Then what toxic behaviour really is? 

Well, If your partner lies to you every now and then, he tries to gaslight you and tries every possible way to manipulate you, these are the signs of toxicity. 

Also, if he wants to control you, tame you, and tries to force his opinions on you, this means he wants to take control of everything. 

These signals are red flags and should be noticed before everything goes out of control.

Being Ignored

When your dear ones ignore you, it hurts a lot. It is generally not anticipated by us. Therefore it breaks us emotionally.

If you notice that your partner has been constantly snubbing you or avoiding you, it is time to communicate. Confront him and try to resolve the issue, if there is one.

However, if it is in his behaviour to snub you every now and then, don’t hesitate to take an exit from the relationship.

You may feel mentally tormented and tortured, if ignored. Then, it is better to take a step for yourself.

Self-Centric Behaviour

Generally, in a relationship you always talk about you and your partner, considering him and yourself one. Whatever you decide, you do it with mutual understanding.

But, if you notice that your partner has become self-centred and always talks about himself, then it is a negative sign for your relationship.

Suppose, you had a bad time together and your partner tries to show you how much he suffered, but he paid no attention to your suffering, he is a self-centred person.

He needs to understand that in a relationship, it should be “We” not “I”. 

A Lack of Communication

Communication is the key to a happy relationship. It is the way to resolve misunderstandings, convey your feelings, understand your partner and keep your relationship healthy.

However, a lack of communication can ruin your relationship. It can have major impacts like, rising misunderstandings and feelings getting suppressed.

If you observe that your partner is sullen and there is a lack of communication, it is time to confront him.

If you get a satisfactory reply from him, it will be easy to keep the relationship going. However, if you feel your partner is lying to you, you may take the bold step of ending the relationship. A relationship can’t survive without proper communication.

Feeling of Insecurity

You feel a kind of security in your relationship when it has trust, bond, understanding, and clarity. But, sometimes you may feel insecure when you notice something negative in your relationship.

It makes you overthink and feel anxious. Insecurity increases, when things don’t get cleared.

If you feel insecure, you should talk to your partner about the reasons of your insecurity. Try to resolve those issues. However, if your partner is not ready to address your concern, it is a red flag for you.

5 Biggest Red Flags in a Girl

Picture depicting a sceptical guy
Red flags in a girl, red flags in a relationship

If you want to know the Red Flags in a Relationship With a Woman, below are the points that you should keep in mind:

Invasion on Privacy

Privacy has been a major concern for couples these days. It is important for both men and women.

Both men and women can be invasive on their partner’s privacy. However, women are more sceptical towards their partner, if they notice any behavioural changes in them. 

If women notice something unexpected, it gives rise to doubt and fear that their partner may ditch them. As a result, their fear can sometimes become a problem for their partner’s privacy.

If your partner constantly checks on you, this is a sign of trust issues. This may get worse when she tries to look into your smartphone, conversation, and interfere in your day to day life.

This is one of the red flags to notice, address it as soon as possible.

She Overburdens You

If your partner is fully dependent on you, it is not good for both of you. You both should take responsibilities. If you solely become responsible, it may create a burden on you.

Furthermore, if you always have to pay for restaurant bills, her mobile recharges and for miscellaneous things which she needs, it may overburden you.

See, it is always good to be financially independent and create no burden on your partner. If your partner understands this, then it is a good sign for your relationship.

However, if she overburdens you financially and mentally, then it is not a good thing.

She is Over Possessive 

In most cases, girls are over-possessive comparated to boys because they don’t want anyone to take her partner from her. 

But, an excess of care and love may sometimes create problems for you. You may feel trapped in your relationship. 

Calling multiple times a day to check on you, taking decisions related to you, stopping you from talking to other girls are signs that she is over-possessive.

It is a red sign for you as it may create a lot of problems. Either talk to her about it or find a better way to deal with it.

5 Biggest Red Flags in a Guy

Picture depicting a sceptical girl
Red flags in a guy, red flags in a relationship

Below are the Red Flags in a Relationship With a Man:

Invasion on Privacy

As already said, invasion on privacy has been a major concern for both men & women. It is not good to interfere in every matter with your partner.

Disrespecting your privacy, constantly checking your smartphone, inquiring about your whereabouts are some of the signs that your partner is invading your privacy.

If it happens regularly, it is a red flag for your relationship. Your relationship can’t survive like this. Mutual respect for each other’s privacy by having trust in each other is a necessity for a healthy relationship.

He Body Shames you

Boys are quite notorious for body shaming their partner. They have a lot of expectations from their partners in terms of their looks. 

As it is known to you that expectation sometimes brings disappointment and further it creates frustration. Eventually, that frustration is vented out in the form of body shaming you in front of people.

It is good if your partner accepts you the way you are, but if he has a problem with your appearance, then you need to think about it.

It is certainly a red flag, therefore you should address this on priority.

He Belittles you

Belittling is something that undermines confidence and makes you feel unimportant. 

Finding yourself being ignored and belittled is very painful, if you are in a serious relationship. You always expect that your partner will keep you on his priority, but his disdainful behaviour like belittling, may break you.

Boys have a tendency to belittle a person, if they think that person is less important to him. If it has been happening in your life for a long time, then it is another red sign.

He is a different person in front of you

Boys tend to look well groomed, civilised, kind and courteous in front of their partner. But, girls always want a partner who remains true to her.

They hate it when they observe that their partner is a very different person in front of them than they really are.

If you have also observed the same behavioural pattern in your partner, then there can be two things, first, your partner is faking it, second, he can’t remain the same everywhere. You might be thinking, why? Well, it is the same as being casual and formal. You can’t behave the way you behave at home, in your office.

You have two options, first, to understand him and give him time, so that he becomes comfortable with you, second, keep observing him. 

If you find that he has been doing this on a purpose, then it can be a red flag for you.

Hesitant to Talk About Future

Girls are always anxious about the future with their partner because they have a lot of plans. Being serious about your future is good unless or until it creates an uncomfortable situation for you.

But, if your partner is not at all serious talking about your future, then it can be a red flag that he doesn’t want a long term relationship.

Either by experience or by his talks, try to figure out his motives, so that you remain confident about your relationship. 

Addressing the Red Flags

Well, we have talked about a lot of red flags. It means, we talked about problems, now it is on us to create solutions.

First and foremost, if you observe any of the red flags mentioned above, be sure about it, after that, talk to your partner. Try to find a way out.

If you two are successful in devising a solution then it is good, however, if you are not satisfied with the solution, it is better to seek alternatives.

Alternatives like relationship counselling may help you. But, if it also doesn’t work for you, then you should end the relationship and move on.


To sum up, red flags are generally the same for all. However, there are some signs that are good for you but bad for some. So, red flags differ from person to person.

Red flags are sometimes noticed unnecessarily, when you overthink and your mind creates false images. In such a situation, talk to your partner and solve the issue.

Talks can clear your doubt but if there is an issue related to communication in your relationship then there is no way out than ending it.

Whatever you think is appropriate for your relationship, do it. Eventually, whatever decision you will take, you have to take on your own.

I hope you found this blog helpful, if so, then leave your valuable feedback.

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