Signs Of A Toxic Friendship

Signs Of A Toxic Friendship

Having a friend who supports you, cheers for you and stands by your side is a sign of a healthy friendship. But have you ever felt that your friend is not your biggest support or well-wisher? Well here you go, you will get to know the signs of a toxic friendship that will help you to differentiate between healthy and toxic friends.

Friends make life meaningful and content. They provide you the emotional support you need. With them you feel happier and you don’t feel lonely. Some friendships are stronger whereas, some might not have a positive effect on you. Others might be downright toxic. Toxic friendships drain you mentally and have a way of pulling you down instead of building you up.

What does a toxic friendship mean?

Toxic friends or toxic friendships are the ones because of which you don’t grow personally or professionally. You do not feel the support from their side. One person is emotionally invested and the other one just uses the person or does not reciprocate the same way. 

This type of friendship is merely a burden rather than commitment. You will be exhausted and drained mentally while handling such a bond. 

If you feel any of these with someone, and while reading this a name pops up in your mind, then consider giving a second thought about that friendship rather than dwelling on that.

Let’s move ahead and get to know the signs that will help you to understand whether you are in a toxic friendship or a healthy one. 

They Put You Down

Does your friend put you down many times? Makes you feel bad about yourself? 

Making fun or joking around with friends is quite normal, but up to an extent. If you are also laughing at the jokes, and the environment is healthy, then it is alright. But if your friend constantly demeans you, makes fun of you directly or indirectly, then it is time that you consider thinking about that friendship.

It is true that when you make someone your friend, you accept them the way they are. You stand by them and support them no matter what. But it is important to observe that the same is being reciprocated from the other side or not. If it is not reciprocated then you might need to reconsider that friendship.

They Gossips About You

There are times when you share everything with your friends, because you trust them immensely. But what matters is whether that person keeps the thing with them or shares it with the whole group.

If everyone in the group knows that thing and you haven’t told anyone, you should reconsider that friendship. Because you trusted that person and shared something with him/her, but then they told someone else about it, breaking your trust.

Apologise Without Integrity

Sorry is the most genuine way of showing your regret towards something or someone. It can mould things up in a good way and can grow the bond you share with that person deeper.

But there can be different contexts in which they are being said. Genuine friend will apologise sincerely, if they get to know that you are hurt because of them. Whereas, there are people who apologise just for the sake of it, and do not actually mean it. 

They are the ones who do not respect your feelings. For them, you are merely a person and do not hold much importance in their life. 

If you have a friend with whom you get the same vibe, then give it a thought! Is he/she really your friend?

Makes You Feel Nervous

If you don’t know how the person is gonna react, you might not feel comfortable with them. You may always be nervous and confused around them. They will react upon the smallest things and another moment act like nothing happened.

Taking accountability and considering the emotions of everyone that matters to you is one of the most important things in life. As it shows how important that person is to you. And if you are having a hard time around them, then it’s time to think about the bond you have with them.

They Compares You To Other People

Friends give you the wings to fly higher. Good friends always cheer you up, stand by your side, no matter what and show their belief in you. They will never compare you with anybody else or demean you. For them, you are always better than every other person. Good friends understand that everyone has different traits and personalities. They will never make you do things under peer pressure without you being comfortable with it.  

But if a friend constantly judges you, compares you and shows less belief in you, it’s time that you prioritise yourself and give a second thought about continuing that sort of friendship. Having someone who stands by your side even if the whole world is against you is like a blessing and friends are that blessing. If your friend does not help you to grow constructively and always demotivates you, think if that person really deserves to be your friend.

They Put Themselves First

Do you have a fair-weather friend? The one who comes to you everytime when they are in any trouble, but you cannot rely on them when you are in need of something. True friends are empathetic towards you and consider your emotions as well.

Whereas, the one who always talks about their problem, does not consider you, they cannot be your true friends and you need to be aware of that. It is okay to prioritise yourself but what’s not okay is to forget that other people can also have a problem. 

They Try To Change You

True friends accept you exactly as you are; they never want you to change unless it is for the better. Good friends recognise that everyone has different personality traits and everyone is better in their own way. They respect you and want to be friends with you regardless of your habits or behaviour.

Someone who tries to change you, overshadow you, or compare you to other companions is not a true friend. If your friend constantly attempts to change you and makes you feel bad about yourself, it’s time to reconsider your friendship with that person.


Toxic friendships can have a significant effect on your overall well-being. Spending time with someone who does not respect or care about your feelings can affect your mental as well as physical health. If you have noticed any of the above mentioned behaviour in your friend then you might need to evaluate the bond you share with that person. Consider these signs of a toxic friendship for your own betterment. Not for someone else but for yourself and your well-being.

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