How Toxic Friendship Affects You?

How Toxic Friendship Affects You?

Having a good friend has a positive impact on you. Similarly, having a friend who is actually not your true friend, can be detrimental to your well-being. Friendships like this can drain you out mentally and can have an adverse effect on you. You go through a lot of things, and in order to not let that bond suffer, you end up suffering. You might be wondering how toxic friendship affect’s you? Well, keep on reading and you will get all your answers.

Ending a relationship is no doubt a big challenge and it requires a lot of courage to do so. But facing that once and for all is far better than being suffering in a toxic friendship and getting stressed. While in a toxic friendship, you feel a roller coaster of emotions. 

Here are some of the few things that you might feel if you are in a toxic relationship. 

You Feel Lonely And Isolated

In a toxic friendship, you might end up feeling ignored and alone. They never have time for you, do not make plans with you, and are always busy. True friends always be with you, no matter what the situation may be. They will never leave your hand to face the world alone, instead, they will always be there and have your back.

What kind of friendship is leaving your friend, when they are in need,right? 

If you have a friend who leaves you or is not available for you when you need them the most, you might be investing in a wrong friendship. Invest your time and your emotions in the one, who actually values your friendship and cares for you. Don’t make fake friends just for the sake of having someone; be thoughtful.

You Become Stressful

A true friend is someone who helps to release your stress whereas fake or toxic friends are the ones who end up adding some. There is already a whole lot of pressure under which people live these days. All you need after this rush and stress is to talk to someone about it. You need someone, with whom you can share your problems, discuss it and can find a solution for it. 

Instead of doing this, if they say something terrible to you or upset you, then you might end up thinking it and then you feel awful and stressed. Consider cutting them out of your life so that you can live a happy and peaceful life

You Don’t Feel Supported

Everyone needs a person in their life who can show trust and support them in every situation. If you have someone like this in your life, you are lucky enough to have them. When you are assured that you can do something, your confidence goes into another level. When someone shows their trust in you, you get the wings to fly higher.

Whereas, when you lack support, you lack confidence. You go through self-doubts that whether you can do that particular thing or not, what if you do something wrong, etc. 

Friends are the ones with whom you feel comfortable and content, who motivate you to achieve what all you have desired for, and help you to make your dreams come true. If you don’t feel supported, your friendship is lacking somewhere.

Your Self-esteem Takes A Hit

Friends are your personal cheerleaders. They make fun of you but don’t let others make fun of you. Whether the situation is fun or tough they always have your back. When no one believes in you, friends and family are the ones who give you the moral support that you need. 

But when you are in a toxic friendship, then you may find your friend demoralising you. They will make you feel less of yourself, compare you to other fellow companions, and make you doubt yourself. These types of friends are downright awful and one should always cut their wires from them. If you want to grow and achieve everything you have ever dreamt of, consider getting out of that toxic friendship.    

You Start Blaming Yourself  

When your friend lashes out at you or neglects you, you might start blaming yourself believing that it is all your fault. And as a result you will try to make things better, by helping them whenever they are in need. 

You try to be available for that person every time they need you, but you will not get the same in return. It will result in you draining yourself out in a relationship which is just one sided. It is not a good thing for your mental health. You cannot take the baggage of someone else’s mistakes in order to keep that bond.

You May Feel Of-balance

People with a toxic nature often use manipulation as a tool to get what they want. And as a result, manipulation may leave an impression that something is not right. Moreover, you cannot identify exactly what is wrong.

You start to think that you never knew what was the right thing to do or to say. They might take a dig at you or even mock you, leaving you questioning yourself and your self worth.

These reactions can somewhat create unbalance in your life. and you will always be confused and nervous before doing or saying anything. You will need someone’s validation before doing anything. You will lose your confidence and find yourself in a tough spot before taking any step.

Your Relationship With Others Gets Affected

A toxic friendship can slowly begin to hamper your other relationships as well. Once you start doubting yourself, you will think that you are not a good friend. And even though you don’t think about yourself as such, you will find it difficult to trust others. You might wonder that everyone sees flaws in you, and begin avoiding them. This can restrain you from seeking help or support from people who really care about you, and will leave you feeling alone and isolated.

It is okay to give chances to save your friendship, but you should know when to stop. You can tell them how their actions have hurt you, but you cannot make them change. It is up to them whether they want to put in the effort or not. If you do not want to end the friendship immediately, try taking a break from it. And think about what has gone wrong from your as well as from their end.

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