7 Types of Friends Everyone Needs in Life

7 types of friend everyone needs in life

Friendship is the most important aspect of life. There are majorly 7 different types of friends everyone needs in life. You cannot imagine living without friends. With friends, you do all of the silly things and amusing banter.

You begin making friends as a child, and continue to do so for the rest of your life. The cycle of meeting new people and beginning friendship with them is a never ending process. 

Socialising has become a new normal; for a happy and cheerful life you need your friends to be around you. 

As we are talking about friendship, who among your friends comes to your mind? Your childhood best friend, whom you have not met in years or your current squad, who always has your back? Perhaps, it could be your coworkers with whom you spend more than half of your day. Your neighbour, gym partner, dance partner, or any other person?

What did you notice? 

Well, we make connections no matter what stage of life we are in. The cycle of making friends continues from the moment we become conscious, until the day we take our last breath. We meet people, enjoy their company, become companions, and eventually become best friends sharing innumerable memories.

Friendship is good for both your psychological and physical health. We all meet different types of friends in our life. All of these types are necessary for our own growth and personality development. With friends we learn new things and evolve.  

Let’s move ahead and know the 7 types of friends everyone need in life.

The Mentor

There are some lessons that our parents teach us. Then there are lessons which we learn on our own and then come the lessons we learn from our friends.

There are times in life when you need the guidance of a mentor. We all have a friend who serves as a mentor in our lives. He or she listens to our problems and gives us wise advice. This is the type of friend you can never have enough of. 

We all need a friend who inspires us to be a better person. 

The Best Friend

Best friends are the ones with whom we can do the most bizarre things. We enjoy their company greatly. They are the ones on whom we can always count on. We do the craziest things when they are around.

Best friends are the one who sticks around you when everybody else walks out of your life.

A name must have popped into your head, who has always got your back right? 

Best friends know the deepest and darkest secrets of yours. They don’t judge you, you can be around them without any mask on your face. You can share your thoughts, fears, secrets without a second thought. They are the shoulder you can rely on, and play an important role in your life.

The Funny One

We all need friends, who can make us laugh when we are sad. They lighten the tense situation and give us a push to enjoy ourselves to the fullest. They find humour in every situation and make you laugh until your cheeks hurt. 

And we all know that laughing is the best medicine. So, they help us to be healthy and happy.

The Listener

Ever felt the need to be heard? 

We all need someone who can listen to us from time to time.

We all need someone with whom we can share things and he or she patiently listens to us. Being a good listener can foster any relationship. Good listeners are hard to come by and having someone like that, can mean everything.They hear you and put their own opinions aside when all you need to do is pour your heart out.

An Honest Friend

Friends, who tell you whether you are right or not. Friends, who question your decisions and put forward their opinion, are essential. They are the ones who allow us to evaluate ourselves and become a better version of ourselves.

It is hard to face criticism, but having a friend who is honest helps you to build yourself better. An honest friend teaches you to stand up for yourself. Moreover, constructive criticism helps you a lot to shape yourself. Having a friend like that can be a blessing in disguise. 

A Friend From Different Culture

Meeting people from diverse cultural backgrounds broadens your thinking, and allows you to explore other cultures, traditions, customs and values. It promotes the concept of multiculturalism. As a result, you start respecting other cultures as well. You become knowledgeable and can develop your personality. 

The Social Butterfly

Do you have a friend who is very extroverted in nature? A friend who has numerous friends and is good at making connections?

These are the ones who keep your social life happy. They may take you to a party, cafe, shopping, and make you meet new people. It will help you to build your network. This type of friend is also very important in life.

After all, what is life without friendship? Everyone needs a true companion in life. True friends are hard to find and if you have one, you are lucky enough.

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