7 Fun Ways To Be Happy

Ways To Be Happy

One of the most important things in life is to be happy. If you are happy, you can make others happy as well. Every person has its own definition of happiness. You can feel happiness in one thing or the other. There is no such definite thing like you will feel happiness in this particular thing only.

It is you who can decide, what makes you happy and what not.

If you will be happy, your whole mood will be happy and your day will go well. You will even create a happy and cheerful environment around you. You will spread positive energy and everything will go well.

Why is it important to be happy?

Being happy is not just about feeling good or content. It is about being healthy and  productive. Humans are an emotional creature and they experience a wide range of emotions on a daily basis.

Emotions can be of two types: positive and negative. Positive emotions like enjoyment or hope helps us to connect with others and build our capacity to cope up when things go wrong. Negative emotions such as fear or anger, helps us to get aways from problems and defend ourselves. Feeling both positive and negative emotions is normal. 

Avoid dwelling on the negative side, thinking and stressing over a situation can have an adverse effect on both your mental and physical health.

Let’s move ahead and get to know fun ways to be happy.

1. Plan A Trip

What’s better than exploring the beautiful places that god has gifted us? 

Taking some time off from your daily busy and hectic schedule is way too necessary than you can even think of. To be content and happy in your life it is important to take breaks’ from time to time. 

Exploring places, trying new things, learning new languages, meeting new people, can keep you mentally happy. You will feel motivated and can be more creative with your work. 

Stressing over assignments, work pressure or any other thing? Take a small vacation, give yourself some time to be calm and compose. 

Plan a trip with family, friends or even you can go on a solo trip. It will help you in mindfulness. 

2. See Friends

Friends give us the shoulder we can rely on. In a tense situation try talking to your friends. Make plans with them. Go shopping, watch movies, picnic, do what makes you both happy. The whole point is to enjoy each other’s company and have fun to the fullest. 

Furthermore, Taking out time from your schedule and seeing your friends has two benefits. First, they will not complain that you don’t have time for them. Second, you can share your problems with them and they will give you solutions, sometimes serious, sometimes hilarious. 

And in this chit-chat and fun you will feel happiness and pleasure. This is what we all need to feel at the end of the day. 

3. Take Yourself Out

In the day to day rush, do not forget that nothing is above you. Prioritise yourself, your mental as well as physical health. Sometimes, it is a good thing to give yourself some quality time.

No one knows or understands you better than you yourself. Spend some time alone, go to your favourite places, eat your favourite food, do all the things that you enjoy to do. Because keeping yourself happy is your responsibility. 

Don’t be dependent on others, there is no rule that you cannot go out by yourself. When you are alone you can think about everything that is going on around you. You can get an idea of how to make things better, what to do and what to avoid.

4. Give A Compliment

Giving a genuine compliment is a simple and quick way to brighten up someone’s day while also increasing your own happiness. 

When you smile and give compliments, you make his, as well as your day. It’s scientifically proven that when you make others happy, you also get happy. Feeling the sense of happiness, will keep you cheered up for your whole day.

Compliments make people feel good, and they desire to be around you. Offering compliments is a kind of leadership and influence because people enjoy being around positive people and are more likely to adhere to your lead and listen to your ideas.

Another significant advantage of seeing good in others is that we become a magnet for others’ reciprocated love.

5. Eat Your Favourite Food

Have a sweet tooth? Grab a pastry.

Health conscious? Eat protein rich food.

The whole idea is to be happy and healthy. Eating what you enjoy and doing what makes you happy is essential in everyday life. 

Eating food with mood in mind is also an aspect to consider. Foods can affect the state of your mind. For example- eating carbohydrates rich food helps to release serotonin, which is ‘a feel good’ hormone. 

Poultry and dairy are rich sources of protein and protein rich foods release dopamine and norepinephrine. Which helps to boost energy and concentration.

6. Get Sleep

Giving rest to your brain is very important to be happy. Adequate amount of sleep is vital for good health, proper functioning of the brain, and emotional well-being. It helps to reduce the risk of chronic illness, like depression, heart disease and diabetes. 

Many of you do like to sleep in your free time, instead of going out. It is not always a bad thing. When you sleep your body releases melatonin which makes you feel comfortable and relaxed. When you are relaxed you automatically feel happy, you release your stress and tension.  

7. Practise Your Hobby

Need a boost of joy? Follow your heart and take out some time for the activities you like to do the most. 

Taking part in receptive and creative cultural activities is significantly associated with good health and satisfaction with life. It also helps to avoid anxiety and depression. 

Whether it be dancing, singing, sketching or painting. Whatever is your passion, follow it whenever you get time. Having a hobby and practising it brings joy and enriches your life. It gives you the opportunity to learn new skills as well as gives something fun to do in your leisure time. 

So, take some time out from your schedule and follow these 7 fun ways to be happy in life. Happiness is like a box of chocolates, when you open it you will be delighted.

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