Four Necessities Of A Relationship

Four Necessities Of A Relationship

Hello Folks! Want to be a power couple but struggling to grasp the straw?

You have landed at the right place, here are some of the tips that give you an idea of how to be in a successful relationship.

Well specifically in this blog you will get to know four necessities or 4 C’s of a happy and successful relationship and these are –


Are you the one who is scared of making commitment to your partner? Well here are a few things that you definitely need to know.

Commitment is the most basic requirement for a healthy and loving relationship. It’s a kind of assurance you give your partner to make them believe that you truly love and respect them. It is a word that both of you give to each other and try to meet each other’s needs and requirements to the best of your abilities.

Sorry to burst your bubble, but if you think you can have a long lasting relationship without a proper commitment, you are definitely wrong. When both of you have the surety that the other person is totally committed, your relationship will automatically start blooming, as it is very important to make your partner feel secure. 

If you both have commitments, congrats! You have already achieved one of the 4 C’s or four necessity of a happy and successful relationship.


There is a saying that opposites attract, but does it really?

You may have imagined how your partner should be and when you find someone with the same trait, you do get excited and attracted towards that person, right?

When you both get along with each other, your likes and dislikes are same, and you both share the same emotional or mental connection, you start loving that person immensely. You will feel that this person is a part of you. When you get that feeling, your love grows deeper and you two will be happy, when you see each other compatible.


Sometimes, it does happen, you feel bad about something your partner did, which is quite natural. You are a human being and have emotions, it is okay to be upset or angry. But what is not okay is that when you refrain from sharing your true feelings with your partner. 

Keeping things inside you will burst out one day for sure, and its result can be devastating. Communication is one of the major tools out of the four necessities of a relationship.

Communicating with your partner can resolve half of your conflicts. As, it helps you to get to know and understand each other more profoundly. Knowing what your partner feels and then making them feel secure and comfortable becomes easier when you communicate, rather than making an issue out of it.


The word consideration is itself quite understandable, it basically signifies doing something while considering or respecting your partner’s feelings. 

Do not think of it as you have to be afraid of your partner or you have to do everything according to them. It is just to analyse the situation and then act accordingly, without hurting your partner’s sentiments.

When you are in a relationship you automatically start relying on your partner and have some expectations. Just try to understand them, spend some time together and show your affection towards them. Also, you both should trust each other and respect each other’s individuality and decision.


Commitment, Compatibility, Communication and Consideration are like four wheels of a vehicle which move forward together and help us to reach a destination. In a relationship that destination is being with your partner forever. Bring these 4 C’s in your relationship and watch you and your partner become more entwined. After all, forever is not always a myth, people do live together forever.

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